OPB Television Segment, February 2009
"Oregon Public Broadcasting TV Program, Oregon Field Guide, highlights the Mt. Hood Loop."

Cyclocross Magazine, January 2011
"This feature article highlights three riders taking on the Mt Hood Loop. Whether you are a cyclocross rider looking to build stamina for race season, a technical rider looking for singletrack, or a general bike rider looking for a backcountry adventure you'll find the the article an entertaining read."

Portland Monthly Magazine, December 2009
"These three recently opened metal-frame cabins set along Forest Service roads in the White River Valley and along Barlow Ridge now accommodate local winter backcountry outings. Hardcore skiers and snowshoers can trek in for a quick overnight stay at one of the cabins or link them up for extended outings."

Snowshoers and Backcountry Skiers

Journey 2 to 12 miles per day on snow-covered trails and roads or experienced recreationists can navigate their own backcountry routes. During the winter season all huts are located in the snow blanketed White River and Barlow Ridge area to the southeast of Mt. Hood.

Start your adventure from any of three SnoParks located along Highways 26 and 35 about 60 miles from Portland, Oregon. Cascade Huts will work with you to create your own journey that suits your ability. The Barlow Pass SnoPark provides the most straight-ahead routes to the huts. We provide GPS tracks and waypoints from the Barlow Pass SnoPark to each hut.

For those looking for more of a challenge you can navigate your way from the Frog Lake SnoPark along the Pacific Crest Trail. Or, from the White River West SnoPark you can take in portions of the White River Valley.

At the end of each day’s journey relax at one of the three Cascade Huts, which are stocked with propane heaters, lanterns, stoves, kitchen utensils, and sleeping pads and bags.

The Huts

The White River Hut is 256 sq ft and sleeps up to 8 visitors on 8 bunks.

The Barlow Butte and Barlow Ridge Huts are 160 sq ft and accommodate up to 5 people. There are 4 bunks – one of which is a double that comfortably sleeps two.

Each hut has a kitchen counter area with a propane stove and lamps. A propane heater is supplied in the winter. Each hut is supplied with pots, pans, and various kitchen utensils needed for the preparation of meals. Sleeping bags and pads make for a comfortable night in the wilderness (you bring a sleeping bag liner). There is an outhouse at each hut location.

Barlow Butte Hut (Elevation 4,030 – Accommodates Up To 5 Visitors On 4 Bunks-One Is A Double)

The Barlow Butte Hut provides the easiest and shortest treks from the SnoParks. On a nice day you will have some gorgeous views of Mt. Hood near the hut. The hut sits atop an open slope providing gorgeous views of the valley and the opportunity for taking some ski runs.

White River Hut (Elevation 3,280 – Accommodates Up To 8 Visitors)

The White River Hut is most easily reached by traveling down the historic Barlow Road from the Barlow Pass SnoPark. Experienced backcountry navigators can start from the White River West SnoPark and make their way down the White River Valley. Either way you will have the opportunity to wander through some gorgeous old-growth forest. The hut conveniently has a creek flowing nearby.

Barlow Ridge Hut (Elevation 4,500 – Accommodates Up To 5 Visitors On 4 Bunks-One Is A Double)

The Barlow Ridge Hut is our highest elevation hut and is reached by following the snow-covered Barlow Ridge Road, which provides some beautiful views of Mt. Hood and the White River valley. More adventurous types can make their way over Barlow Butte and along the Barlow Ridge ridgeline and drop down a short distance to the hut. The Barlow Ridge Hut sits atop an open slope providing beautiful views.

Hut Distances From Sno-Parks and Huts
Barlow Butte Hut
2.0 miles from Barlow Pass SnoPark
2.3 miles from White River SnoPark
6.4 miles from Frog Lake SnoPark
White River Hut
4.6 miles from White River SnoPark
5.9 miles from Barlow Pass SnoPark
10.4 miles from Frog Lake SnoPark
Barlow Ridge Hut
4.3 miles from Barlow Pass SnoPark
4.7 miles from White River SnoPark
8.8 miles from Frog Lake SnoPark

Winter Rentals - $165 Per Night; $305 For 2 Nights; $395 For 3 Nights

  • All huts are the same price
  • 2 night minimum on Friday & Saturday rentals, 1 night minimum Sun-Thursday.
  • Huts are stocked with propane heater, stove, lamps, and kitchen supplies
  • Huts also include mattress pads and 0-degree rated sleeping bags (you bring liner/sleep sack)
  • We provide access to huts and route details, including GPS file with track and waypoints from Barlow Pass SnoPark
  • There is an outhouse at each hut location

Reservation Policy

For winter hut rentals, we require full payment at the time of reservation.
Upon receipt of payment, you will receive additional information about your trip:

  • Participant release form, which each participant must complete and submit prior to the trip
  • Electronic map files detailing routes to and between huts, with GPS waypoints
  • Rules for huts and traveling through U.S. Forest Service and other property
  • Suggested items to bring on trip
  • Safety and preparation tips for routes and huts

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards, as well as checks. Reservations are refundable (less a $50 processing fee) with 60 days advance notice. We regret that we cannot make exceptions for personal emergencies or weather as a cause for cancellation. For this reason, we recommend travel insurance.