OPB Television Segment, February 2009
"Oregon Public Broadcasting TV Program, Oregon Field Guide, highlights the Mt. Hood Loop."

Cyclocross Magazine, January 2011
"This feature article highlights three riders taking on the Mt Hood Loop. Whether you are a cyclocross rider looking to build stamina for race season, a technical rider looking for singletrack, or a general bike rider looking for a backcountry adventure you'll find the the article an entertaining read."

Portland Monthly Magazine, December 2009
"These three recently opened metal-frame cabins set along Forest Service roads in the White River Valley and along Barlow Ridge now accommodate local winter backcountry outings. Hardcore skiers and snowshoers can trek in for a quick overnight stay at one of the cabins or link them up for extended outings."

Below is a calendar showing availability and reservations for summer and winter trips.

The summer trips listed on the calendar show the trips available to start on that given date and the number of riders that can go. If your start date is available then the rest of the dates for the trip are automatically locked in.

Please note that dates in June are always tentative based on snow conditions. We won’t be able to set up the huts and you won’t be able to ride until the snow melts. The later you can make your reservation the more likely it will be that you won’t need to worry about it. If you do make a reservation in June and we can’t operate because of the snow we will gladly reschedule your trip or fully refund your payment.

The winter trips listed on the calendar show huts that are available on each date. If a date is blank then all winter huts are booked. You can reserve winter huts from November 15 through April 30. Please note that we can make no guarantees about conditions or the amount of snow, and may need to reschedule your trip if necessary


Velo Road Trip (3 days) $265/person

Surveyors Trip (3 days) $265/person

Mt Hood Loop (4 days) $365/person

Grand Tour (6 days) $615/person

Winter Rentals: 1 night-$165, 2 nights-$305, 3 nights-$395

Discounts for multiple nights

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