OPB Television Segment, February 2009
"Oregon Public Broadcasting TV Program, Oregon Field Guide, highlights the Mt. Hood Loop."

Cyclocross Magazine, January 2011
"This feature article highlights three riders taking on the Mt Hood Loop. Whether you are a cyclocross rider looking to build stamina for race season, a technical rider looking for singletrack, or a general bike rider looking for a backcountry adventure you'll find the the article an entertaining read."

Portland Monthly Magazine, December 2009
"These three recently opened metal-frame cabins set along Forest Service roads in the White River Valley and along Barlow Ridge now accommodate local winter backcountry outings. Hardcore skiers and snowshoers can trek in for a quick overnight stay at one of the cabins or link them up for extended outings."

Grand Tour Overview (6-days, 5-nights, up to 5 riders)
The Tour That Has It All!

Stay at all 5 of our huts on this 6-day, 5-night tour around Mt Hood. See all the sites offered on the Mt Hood Loop and enjoy some flexibility on days 2 and 3 to take on some challenging singletrack or take a more leisurely approach and simply enjoy more time relaxing in the outdoors.

After the challenging climbing of Day 1, take days 2 and 3 to recover or to discover some world-class singletrack trails. Trails in the area you’ll have the option to explore include Knebal Springs, Eightmile, Fifteenmile, and Cook’s Meadow.

The remainder of the tour takes in all of the highlights of the Mt Hood Loop with travels along a portion of Barlow Road, part of the historic Oregon Trail; a picturesque and refreshing stop at Trillium Lake; the thrilling descent down the Pioneer Bridle Trail; and, the inspiring view from Lolo Pass Hut.

Grand Tour via Main Route







Day 1

Hood River to Surveyors Ridge

27 miles



100’ to 4,100’

Day 2

Surveyors Ridge to Dog River

8 miles



4,100’ to 3,700’

Day 3

Dog River to Fivemile

11 miles



3,700’ to 3,400’

Day 4

Fivemile to Barlow

37 miles



3,400’ to 3,200’

Day 5

Barlow to Lolo Pass

43 miles



3,200’ to 3,500’

Day 6

Lolo Pass to  Hood River

34 miles



3,500’ to 100’



160 miles




6-Day Package - $615/person

  • 6-day, 5-night tour around Mt Hood
  • Maximum 5 riders per group
  • Huts supplied with propane stove, lamps, kitchen utensils, sleeping bags and pads
  • Huts are stocked with food, drinks and water
  • We provide access to huts and detailed directions of the route
  • It is highly recommend that you bring a GPS device – we provide GPS files

Please see our reservation and refund policies on our Summer Routes page.